A Cybersecurity Adventure

Join us on July 29 at 2pm ET for a (pre)historic tabletop exercise you won’t soon forget.

Can you claw back control over the network on Isla Nublar? You’ll have one hour to find out.

Get ready for an interactive cybersecurity workshop where you’ll team up with other IT pros to investigate an active security incident on Isla Nublar, the mysterious island where the Ingen Corporation is rumored to be conducting strange experiments. 

Details are scarce. For now, all you know is that the company’s understaffed IT team is apparently locked out of their systems, and due to the highly sensitive nature of the facility’s assets the company will spare no expense to get access back.

Register now and get ready to sink your teeth into: 

  • Real-world takeaways: Get insight into incident response processes and procedures
  • An interactive experience: As a member of the audience, you'll control the action and decide what steps to take
  • Chances to win cool prizes: Courtesy of your friends at Lifecycle Insights, OIT, CNWR IT Consultants, Huntress, and NinjaRMM.
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