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Up Next: What to (and NOT to) Give Away for Free

Wednesday, November 18 at 1pm ET | 10am PT | 6pm GMT

Are you leaving money on the table?

This year more than any other, MSPs are facing pressures to be flexible with clients and adjust to economic uncertainty. But the line between being customer friendly and doing yourself a disservice can get blurry in a hurry, and all too often MSPs find themselves giving away too much.

Join us and MSP growth expert Chris Wiser as we dive into the trends he's seen this year and the key things that have separated those MSPs that have been booming from those who aren't. 

Here are just a few of the topics we'll be diving into:

  • How are successful MSPs removing barriers to entry and lowering up-front costs to sign more clients? 
  • What's the consensus on free assessments?
  • What are the biggest bad habits that MSPs need to break?
  • When are specific costs actually okay to eat?
  • How can you shift client focus away from cost and onto value and risk?
  • And more...


What makes these different from other virtual events?
We launched MSP Live Chats to give our partners a forum to connect directly with each other and top experts in the channel. These sessions aren’t about being talked at or presented to — they’re fully interactive and built around active participation. Join in on the discussion!


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What to (& NOT to) Give Away for Free

with Chris Wiser, CEO at The Wiser Agency

Wednesday, November 18 at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT

Building a Competition-Crushing MSP Brand

with Matthew Fox, Creative Director at Valiant Technology

Thursday, December 3 at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT

Previous Chats

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November 4, 2020

Building Out Your 2021 Stack

with Ken Patterson, Director of Community at Pax8

What tools should absolutely be on your wishlist heading into next year?

In this Live Chat, we teamed up with Ken Patterson from Pax8 to discuss how MSPs should consider adjusting their stacks and (re)packaging their services to stay competitive in 2021. Watch the replay to see us debate the latest trends and biggest growth opportunities, with an emphasis on: 

  • Advice for keeping up with and managing increasingly complex stacks
  • Factors that should go into your purchasing decisions
  • What you actually need security-wise, and what you don't
  • Tips for standardizing your offerings and improving your profitability 
  • And more...
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October 21, 2020

MSP Process Horror Stories

with Allen Edwards, President of Eureka Process

Join us for a special Halloween edition MSP Live Chat... if you dare!

Watch Allen Edwards from Eureka Process and NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson give each other frightening flashbacks recalling the very worst cases of disorganization and lack of processes they’ve ever seen.

Tune in for bottom-line-tingling tales of IT terror, featuring:

  • Mysteriously missing documentation (gasp!)
  • Monstrous micro-managing (cringe!)
  • After-hours profitability massacres (blood-curdling scream!)
  • And more...

The guys are also shared some amazing, practical tips to help your team exorcise any poor-documentation demons and crank up your service efficiency, so check out the replay! 

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October 8, 2020

Nailing Your MSP Sales Process

with Alex Farling, founder of Lifecycle Insights

Do you feel like you’re missing out on deals you should be able to close?

Watch two former MSP owners break down the sales playbooks they used to grow, scale, and eventually sell their businesses. 

No gimmicks. No theoretical fluff. Lifecycle Insights founder Alex Farling and NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson share the early mistakes they made, how they overcame them, and the the actual sales frameworks that helped them:

  • Win deals faster: By shortening deals to a 10-day sales cycle
  • & more frequently: By achieving > 70% close rates
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September 23, 2020

Cyber Insurance Demystified

with Justin Reinmuth, CEO of techrug

Do you and your clients have the right coverage to survive a security incident?

Watch Justin Reinmuth, CEO of techrug (Technology Risk Underwriting Group) take on all questions about cyber insurance, including the following:

  • What are the different types of coverage and what actually applies to cyber attacks
  • What questions should you ask your insurance provider (and what questions should you be prepared to answer)?
  • What are things you can do to lower your premium?
  • How should you talk with your clients about their own coverage (or lack thereof)?

With the costs of cyber attacks skyrocketing, few topics are more urgent, so check it out!

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September 10, 2020

Pricing for Profitability, Part 2

with George Bardissi, CEO of bvoip

Our original session was such a hit, we hosted a sequel!

Back by popular demand, NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson and bvoip CEO George Bardissi take the questions on MSP pricing and profitability we didn't get to last time, and dive deeper into:

  • Per user and per device pricing
  • How to determine your labor and technician costs

Updated MSP Cost Calculator: We updated Tom's Cost Calculator with a new tab to help you determine your technician cost per hour.

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September 3, 2020

Pricing for Profitability, Part 1

with George Bardissi, CEO of bvoip

Are your managed services agreements as profitable as they should be?

Join us as we dive into everyone's favorite topic — pricing — and discuss the things you can do to ensure your deals are:

  • Structured effectively
  • Become steadily more profitable over time.

MSP Cost Calculator: NinjaRMM Chief Channel Advisor Tom Watson shared the Managed Services Agreement Cost Calculator he used as an MSP owner to help grow and sell his business, and how to utilize it live.

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August 20, 2020

Ask Me Anything About Co-Managed IT

with Bob Coppedge, author of The MSPs Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT

Lately, it seems like nearly everyone is talking about co-managed IT services (CoMITS). Interested in hearing the naked truth about it?

If you have a particular opportunity or current situation you want direct feedback on, we dove into a session with the man who literally wrote the books on the subject — Bob Coppedge. In addition to the Q&A, we covered the following and more:

  • What are the most readily available co-managed opportunities now?
  • How can small to medium-sized MSPs offer CoMITS successfully?
  • What do you need to have nailed down before you even think about it?
  • What are the most common ways CoMITS fails miserably?
  • How do you market and sell CoMITS in a way that stands out? 
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August 6, 2020

The Hottest MSP Sales Opportunities

The clock is ticking to get deals in the pipeline before the end of the year. Where are the leads coming from, and what new opportunities are other MSPs going after now?

Hear straight from fellow MSPs on the following topics and more:

  • Are mid-market companies actually seeking out co-managed IT? If so, how do you find those opportunities? What types of MSPs and tactics are winning the deals? 
  • Is there a "client-grab" going on? How are unhappy clients being targeted and being encouraged to switch? 
  • What other "centers of influence" should MSPs be partnering with? With everything that's happening, what other services and expertise are your prospects turning to who could be great ins?
  • What should you be selling to your current clients? What next round of up-sell opportunities is the pandemic making relevant?
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July 23, 2020

MSP Town Hall

Curious how other MSPs have been adapting and what their situations are like currently?

Hear others share their experiences and compare solutions. This chat covers the following and more:

  • Where are things at with operations? Are workloads increasing/decreasing? How are teams handling the logistics of going on-site?
  • How are teams coping and adapting? Are techs working from home or the office? How is morale?
  • How are clients faring? How fast or slow is recovery looking?
  • What are forecasts looking like for the remainder of the year? Back on track? Falling short? How are teams adjusting course? What new opportunities are being pursued?
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July 9, 2020

How to Nurture and Convert Sales Leads

with Kevin Clune, co-founder at MSP Growth Hacks

How do you turn cold leads into warm opportunities? 

We teamed up again with MSP marketing expert Kevin Clune to share examples of how to build appointment-winning sales cadences and email nurture campaigns. Watch the reply to hear what the numbers have to say about how many touches you should include in your cadences, as well as the best day/time to email and call. 

You'll also see us discuss sample cadences and templates that you can use to level-up your own nurturing campaigns.

We gave away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the attendee who had the most upvoted email subject line idea. Check out the Agenda doc below to see what the group came up with.


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June 18, 2020

Sales Prospecting Without In-Person Events

with Ray Orsini, CEO at OITVOIP

Did you previously rely on conferences and networking events as a major source of leads for your MSP? What’s your game plan now that the majority have been canceled or gone virtual? 

If you’re looking for new prospecting options, or maybe just creative ways to switch things up, then you don’t want to miss this live brainstorming session led by OITVOIP CEO Ray Orsini. We dove into the recent changes he had to make (including transforming his own conference into a virtual event), and as a group we shared our ideas for keeping prospecting going through the summer and beyond. 

We gave away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the attendee with the most upvoted idea. Check out the Agenda doc below to see what it was. 


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May 28, 2020

Updating Your MSA for the New Normal

With everything that’s changed this year, is it time to revisit your Managed Services Agreement?

Recently, NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson went through the process of updating the MSA he used when he was a MSP owner. We used the new version as a prompt to ask questions, share ideas, and dive deep into the following:

  • How can MSPs be empathetic, generous, and still cover their a$$?
  • What are the biggest liability risks that COVID and WFH have introduced?
  • What new terms & conditions do MSPs need to consider adding to protect themselves from liability and payment issues?
  • How can you walk back temporary exceptions and payment terms or make difficult conversations with clients easier?
  • How can you transform your MSA into a sales asset to help you close new business?

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April 23, 2020

Adapting Sales and Marketing During the Crisis

with Kevin Clune, co-founder at MSP Growth Hacks

What's the best way to continue generating leads and new business during a time like this?

That's a question we've been hearing a lot lately, so we invited MSP Growth Hacks co-founder Kevin Clune on a Live Chat to share practical suggestions. Watch the recap to see what topics came up in live open discussion with attendees, including:

  • What marketing activities are right for this moment
  • How to stand out from the “Here’s a WFH checklist” crowd
  • What future outreach and campaigns you should get ready now so you’ll be ready for the next phase of the crisis
  • A bunch of marketing ideas you can steal and start working on today

Watch the Chat

April 9, 2020

Handling COVID-Related Client Requests and Communication

How are fellow MSPs adapting their approach to client communication?

This MSP Live Chat session resulted in a lot of interesting discussion and shared solutions around the following:

  • How to deal with contract changes / cancelation requests
  • Whether to offer discounts or defer payments
  • Ways you’re being proactive with client communication
  • Wins: How you’re inspiring calm and confidence during all this
  • How some are continuing to close and onboard new clients

Watch the Chat

April 2, 2020

MSP Financial Aid: The CARES Act, Explained

with Joel Friend, Accountant and Owner at Joel Friend Associates

Trying to navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to receive potentially business-saving financial aid for your MSP?

Tune in to this MSP Live Chat with accountant and financial advisor Joel Friend. He took on all questions and broke down the following in plain English:

  • Who can (and should) apply
  • How to apply
  • Which SBA-backed loans can provide the biggest immediate assistance
  • Loan forgiveness stipulations
  • Exactly what the loans cover, with primary focus on the PPP

Watch the Chat

March 26, 2020

MSP Reactions to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, how can we virtually meet and remain strong as a community?

Watch our very first MSP Live Chat as we host a platform for MSPs and business owners alike to talk openly about coping with the current crisis and the following:

  • The impact on finances: Should we all be tightening our belts in anticipation of what’s coming (even if you just had your best month in years)? How can we cut costs and improve cash flow?
  • The impact on operations: Getting crushed with remote-work-related projects and support? Seeing some clients already scaling back or canceling? How is everyone adjusting? 
  • The impact on technicians: How’s everyone on the team staying connected and avoiding burnout? What about WFH setups is working, and what’s not?
  • The impact on owners: How are you keeping all the plates spinning and handling the stress of so many unknowns?

Watch the Chat

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